Friday, April 24, 2009

Hi New Hat on the Horizon

Hello, how are you on this murky and cold day here in Aussie Land on the 25th of April, Saturday?

Well I am OK, yesterday, Friday, I said we would be going up to Ararat, Grampians Soaring Club, Gliding. The weather was horrible, raining, cloudy, windy and we found out that the club is not open during the week, only by appointment. So we decided to go up next Saturday, which weather will be much better, will be able to sign up for membership and go up Gliding too. Fantastic cannot wait, will be great day.

Yesterday we just went for a drive up country instead, beats sitting in the house, especially when hubby is at home, was a good day, even though it was raining and chilly, hubby loves that sort of weather, it is refreshing and cool. I had a good day too.

On Thursday I started another hat. I made the same one a while back, it is warm and chunky yarn. I am making it from Veronica's Yarn 10 or 12 ply 100% acrylic yarn, using a 6.50mm hook and the color is like purple, but more of a plum. The other hat was same yarn and hook but the color is like creamy gray natural. I asked hubby yesterday to try on the size and he said it fits, so I will make one for him, he likes the blues, said it was thick and very warm. I think I will go to Lincraft today and buy couple of Veronica's 10 or 12 ply acrylic yarn in blue. I hope they still have them, it has been a while since I was there.

I have photos but not downloaded them onto PC yet, I will have pics for ya tomorrow.

That is all for now, have a happy and great day and weekend :)



Sarah said...

what type of hat? it looks like maybe we stole your good weather here in Michigan! Spring has sprung and we almost hit a record high of 86 degrees today! Of course, that means springtime allergies are also starting up for me :(

Sarah said...

Okay..not the beanie hat? I have two patterns of hers for beanie hats but that's it! Oh..and another day in the mid-high 80's today here :)