Saturday, April 25, 2009

oooh no, more yarn!

Hello readers pretty crappy weather here in Ozzie Land, windy, cold and dark, like 14 deg Celsius on Sunday 26th of April 2009.

How are you, hope you are enjoying your weekend?

I am ok, I have gone a bit of a franzie over yarn, again, I have not bought any for a long while. Hubby and I went to shopping center in Air Port West, Westfield, on Saturday afternoon. They have all the shops under one roof, bilo, coles, aldi, target, kmart, sam's warehouse and several smaller shops and a food court and cinema.

We had some lunch and then on to Sam's Warehouse (used to be, The Warehouse and also Crazy Clints Warehouse). To my suprise they bought back yarn, because winter is approaching. I went wild. First I bought couple of 100g colored acrylic yarn and few other bits and pieces, including small plastic cups for mixing my resin in.

We then went on to do our weekly grocery shopping, in Aldi, BiLo and Coles. I told hubby that I had the urge and feeling that I should go back to the Warehouse and get more yarn, I just had to. So he went to the car to unload the shopping and I went back.

Boy, did I get some yarn, 37 dollars worth, they were 2.49 dollar each, for 100g 1 ball of yarn. I had to get 2 of each color. Earlier in buying yarn, I used to get one of each color and that was a mistake, I decided to make a project and their is just not enough, so this time I made sure I got 2 of each. Here they are.

Now, when we got home, after putting away the shopping and having a cuppa of coffee and cake and some rest, I just had to start a mobile pouch with the favorite color, I just had to :). I used a 4.00mm hook and single crochet stitch working in the round. Here is the pouch so far.

Ok, I am satisfied and happy at this point.
Oh and by the way I did not end up going to Lincraft, I had it all planned out, but there were no parking space, the whole local shopping center was full, this was Saturday afternoon, hubby could not be bothered waiting around, so we went straight to AirPort West.

Now for the Hat, from previous post.
Here is the pic.

Here is the one that is completed and this plum will look like. Warm, thick and cosy.
Hi Sara, this is the hat, I was talking about, I cannot locate the video for this from Teresa, but most likely it is one of the two patterns you have. She used half double crochet stitch and worked inbetween the stitches, to create a tighter stitch. I used 6.5mm hook and 100% acrylic thick yarn. If you want this pattern, I have it written down, which I wrote out from Teresa's video.

The pick below, is of the stitch marker I created to use with this hat in progress. I used a simple head pin, placed the beads on, made a loop and placed a jump ring to place around the stitch.

A while back I created this ring and bracelet, I like them so much, I want to share with you.

I also worked on some more resin, I placeed copper and tinted copper wire into the pieces, so that I can create loops so that I can hook them onto chains or keyrings. They look ok, but I have to work on the placing and how much to place inside. Here is a pic of all of them, I know a bit messsy, I have no room to place this. They have to cure for a week. You can see some pieces with wires sticking out. I love the hearts. I just had an idea, I could try using spieces, in powder form, to use as color into the resin. Will have to give it a shot, might even give the resin a nice smell !!

Just a quick note, I will try to finish the table runner today, I have not had the chance to, it is only few rows to go and also stick down the tails and cut them off. I just cannot decide weather to put a border around the table runner. I have crocheted some matching coaster. I should and think of making matching placemats too.

Any way, I think I have covered what I wanted to share, I will leave you with this pic, of the rainy day on Friday. It was like a miny flood, patches of puddles everywhere.

Have a great and happy weekend. Enjoy your time with family.
MOnikaROse :)


Rosebud Collection said...

I laughed about the yarn..There is someting so happy about buying yarn. I would come home with my purchases and look them over and over..Have to admit, stored them away, but now making baby items with the baby yarn, for my youngest daughter. So all is not lost with me..You are doing wonderful..between crocheting/resin..good work and beautiful work..

Sarah said...

Thanks for the pictures. They look alot like what I have made but I know I didn't use the half double...