Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Featured Etsy Seller

Good morning to all, on this beautiful, bright and sunny Monday morning @ 8:45am on 22nd June :)

I am happy to introduce to you my first featured Etsy seller today.


Her art work is beautiful and graceful yet full of color and life.
Let me introduce you to

She is known as the Fiber Artist who makes “paintings” with thread

Please visit her Amberafternoon Etsy shop and Blog.

She also has two other handmade shops, SunnyDay and Linkit2Trinket.

She also has another blog Plumdrop and you may also follow her on twitter, here.

Her two favorite Etsy shops are

John Toft Basketry - who specializes in fine hand-woven baskets of cane, willow and grapevine
Freshly Skweezed - who specializes in stationary, greetings and invitations

Below you may read about her artistic qualities and how she got started in her favorite craft.

I am an artist who works in many different mediums, genres, and styles. I not only produce Hand Embroidered Fiber Art, but also Oil and Watercolor Paintings, Clay and Metal Sculptures and multiple lines of Printmaking (Intaglio, Lithography, Serigraphy, and Relief Printmaking/ wood cuts ). However, I’m best known as a Fiber Artist who makes “paintings” with thread. My hand-embroidered jewelry is Art that you can wear. I have created heirloom quality hand embroidered wedding ring pillows, drawstring bags and wall art containing your wedding date.

I've been hand embroidering items my entire life. I started by learning from the elder women in my family. My first projects were rag dolls, which I embroidered their faces.

I stumbled upon Etsy completely by accident. I’m very please to be a part of such a talented group of artisans. There is a lot of diverse talent on Etsy.

My workday usually begins with blogging, tweeting, and trying to promote my works. Then the creative (and fun!) part of my day begins. I sit and sketch and, like all artists, I carefully choose which thread colors to use. The initial design conception may be time consuming, but I think it's worth it!

My short-term goal for my Etsy shop is to cater to Brides-to-be by creating custom ring pillows, drawstring bags, and wall art. My long-term goals are expanding my jewelry and wedding designs, adding new designs, and promoting myself professionally.

Amberafternoon has so much to offer, check out her

Thank you so much amberafternoon for sharing your craft.


Have a fantastic and beautiful day and week ahead
MonikaROse ;)

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Allison of Dominant Hands said...

Beautiful embroidery! I love the detail.