Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Bookthong for Sale

Hello, how's it going on this sunny and beautiful day here in Auzzie Land, on 18th June, Thursday?

I am great :)

I have listed a new bookthong full of colors of the rainbow, check here

I enjoyed putting this one together, lots of colors. I bought a small container of mixed colors seed beads and all I did was pick up at random beads with the end of the beading wire. Slow process but fun because you do not know what colors will be picked up.

The swirl at the end of the bookthong is fab to make. I used tinted copper wire and twisted the purple beading wire around it then hand shaped the wire into a spiral. Once completed I pushed the shape out, thus created a 3D affect of the spiral.

On the other end I made small dangle, with tiny shaped beads and spun tinted copper wire around to give the beads a wire wrapping.

I enjoyed putting this piece together, I hope you all like the design and consider using one for your favorite book. Enjoy.

A Surprise of a Feature

Small Feature of a Crafty Lady, named
Dominant Hands - adventures with fiber
Here is a lovely lady that crochet and knits, she has a blog and an Etsy shop.
Go and check her out she has some lovely pieces to share with you all.




1ST Etsy Seller Feature comming soon

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Thank you for the surprising surprise!