Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday #7

Hello, how are you on this Sunday the 14th of June?

I am well.. :)

Here is my shadow shot sunday #7
My male puddy cat Puss, licking his paw on a beautiful sunny day

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Shadow Shot Sunday


I have been occupying myself with resin.
I bought blue and peach eyeshadow and blush which I was told would blend in with resin and it has with a shine, great colors I like them.
I am experimenting with swirls of color in clear resin, results are stunning.
I have also been polishing and wire wrapping completed resin shapes.

Here are some pics

These are finished pieces

This one below is my favorite, it is very clear and shinny and I like the wire wrapping

And this one I am wearing on my favorite warm top, dangling of a chain

Here are the first swirls I made, this was two or three days ago, colors, purple and bright gold

These are the second round of swirls, using the new colors and purple, bright gold, these ones I popped out of their mold this morning

I enjoyed making these swirl resin shapes. I pour the clear resin in, then mix my colors and use a tooth pic to place a drop of color on top, then I go back again with a toothpick and place into the center of the drop and make swirls and shapes.
I love this affect, they have this 3D look and depth.
One never knows how they will turn out, because you are basically working upside down.
That is why I cannot wait till the next morning to pop them out.
Fabulous, now that I know that eyeshadow and blush work, I will be visiting some shops to check out their colors.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my resin adventure, please feel free to comment on what you think, much appreciated, thank you. :)


I would like to thank all the readers out there, for their time and comments, much appreciated.
I enjoy reading all of your daily adventures and thank you for sharing.

cya MonikaROse


The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Beautiful creations! Wow - so very nice!
Love Mr. Puss' picture. We've found many shapes in his shadow...a duck's head, a's like finding shapes in the clouds!
Happy SSS!

Martha Z said...

I always love cat photos, this one is great. Your resin work is lovely too, it looks like great fun and very creative.

Anonymous said...

Love the cat photo. Your resin work is very pretty.

Sarah said...

Obviously I LOVE the cat picture! The resins turned out GREAT! You make it seem so easy.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Puss is a cutie, isn't he? Seems you had a wonderful day downunder.

2ndly, I forget to great you a HAPPY BDAY! Shame on me §:-) Hope you had an enjoyable bday bash w/ hubs.

Yeah! I promised to buy that jewelry set you posted May 25th. Check that out and tell me the price, k?

How far you live from Taylor's Lake? Someone owns my heart there §:-)) funny but that's true. I fell inlove to a bloke living in that area. Well, for 5 yrs now. But hey! don't squeal, eh? I might be there in this one beautiful days.

Hugs dear Mon & hope you had a nice Sunday. We had a pissy weather since Friday & it's bloody pouring, mind U!


Rosebud Collection said...

Your shadow shot is wonderful..Your resin work is just beautiful. Very creative and love all the colors/shapes..Good work.
Happy SSS.

Linda said...

Great shadow shot--looks like the shadow is about to pounce on your poor cat. Your jewelry is very nice, too.

The Explorer said...

Lovely cat and its shadows...
Las Islas Filipinas World

Kitty Baby Love said...

fantastic idea with the resin jewels! I love it :}

Catherine said...

love the cat shot...!!