Sunday, July 19, 2009

Etsy Featured Seller #9

Hello, how are you this Monday morning, 20th July? It is very windy, but the sun is out.

I would like to introduce to you another Etsy seller for the week, please welcome..



Victorian Ingenuity & 21st Century Vogue

Welcome to Gearbox: Neo-Victorian, steampunk & vintage industrial gadgetry, jewelry with moving gears and parts, and boudoir-inspired finery. The collection is a collision of Victorian ingenuity and 21st century vogue- stunning wear in leather & feather, metal, curated fossil jewelry and living curios.

The jewelry, leather, fascinators and adornments in the Gearbox shop draw on the charm of mechanical movements of the Industrial Revolution, Victorian fashion, Art Nouveau and science fiction from La Belle Époque. Years ago I started working with leather, wood, making jewelry and accessories, studying and growing rarer varieties like moon and stars watermelon and lemon cucumbers, and have been fascinated by movements in simple gadgetry. My work aims to be a forging of these period-inspired enchantments and 21st century fantasy, and I hope you'll find delight in these exquisite collections.

Please visit her fabulous and very creative shop and blog

Gearbox Shop

Featured Products

I just love her mechanical gadgetry, this compass locket is fantastic.

Brass Locket Compass Lariat

Miniature Grand Piano Musicbox Necklace

Absinthe Vintage Spigot

Thank you so much Lady M for sharing your Etsy shop with us.


Have a fabulous day :)

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