Thursday, July 9, 2009

Skywatch Friday #6

On the road again
How are you?

Here is my pic for Skywatch Friday #6

I have three pics for ya, all from gliding days.
Love the reflection on the wing of the glider.

Wanna see other sky pics from around the world, head on over to

Have a fabulous day everyone
Because I am
Surfing on Go
Ciao :) MonikaRose


Gennasus said...

Great sky. How lovely to be up in a glider and amongst it!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

That's awesome pix, girl!!!

Hey! tnx for the gifts. I just received the package my truelove sent to me.

I didn't expect to receive more stuffs besides my orders.

TY again... I see you have 11 deg today and we have 13 deg and it's our summer weather. So, no complains there, downunder?


Louise said...

Magnificent captures!

Shannon said...

Everytime I see someone with a picture for Skywatch, I consider joining in! Shadow Shot Sunday is about all I have the energy for, but LOVE pictures of the sky! My favorite here is the 1st one! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!