Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wow, check this out

G'day, just doodling around the net today, picking up tips on knitting. Last night we to Coles and I found myself 6 pairs of plastic needles, different sizes and colors all for a dollar. This is ok for now, I just want to practice and the yarn slides better on them too. I was looking at the ribbing stitch and I like the look of the stitch combo so I decided to give it a shot on the 5mm size new needles. Well actually I tried on my long sample bamboo 4mm, but it was all over the place, I did not at the time, that was yesterday, now how to start the ribbing. So today I made the effort to find out. Looking good, I really like the way the ribbing looks, great for scarf or blanket.

Anyways, as I was trotting along the net I found this incredible You Tube video. This is amazing how such a large feet can be achieved, any how check it out. It is about knitting.

cya for now

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VenetiaJewelry said...

Wow extreme knitting i love it lol thats r4eally impressive I can barely knit a scarf!