Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Gliding Vid and some Knitting

G'day, beautiful sunny morning here. How is your morning?

Well I am still practicing my knitting. I have found this video on You Tube to show how to cast on and do the knit and purl stitch, just to remind me. I am using the continental method. Easy to do this way, because I am a crocheter I already hold my yarn in my left hand and it is easy transition. The vid on You Tube, they also have a website, Knitting Help. I have checked it out and it is easy to follow and great verbal instructions too. So if you are beginner or just want to revise your stitches check out their website, Knitting Help.

I am practicing the knit, purl, garter and stockinette stitches. Lot of fun. I already have my eyes set on the garter stitch to make my first scarf. Still have to decide yarn, color and size.

Anyways I would like to share with another gliding video. It is from the same day and video clip as the first one I uploaded. This one is gliding through and around the clouds, you can also see the town of Ararat and fields around. We are 2200 feet up. This video was taped audioless, but I have added an instrumental track to it as it is 3 min and 25 sec. The music track is longer than the video, so if you wish you may keep listening on. This is a soundtrack from the Twilight movie. I am a big fan and I do intend to read the series of books, soon. In fact I will see if the local library has them. From what I remember when I checked last there were like tons of reserved copies.

I hope you enjoy this vid and please vote or mention in comments how you liked it. Thank you, much appriciate your thoughts.

Hoped you enjoy this ride with me, more to come.

Have a fabulous day, cya


Allison of Dominant Hands said...


I enjoyed your gliding video. I also used your new search button to check out your fabulous doilies. Good luck with the knitting.I'm looking forward to seeing your first project in a post!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a fun ride..Beautiful music to go with it. I am having fun knitting/crocheting for our new granddaughter, due in November.
So much fun, I kind of let the blogging slip. I am trying to catch up on my dear friends..