Monday, July 27, 2009

Revisiting Knitting

G'day readers, how are you today? Did you check out my previous post on my Gliding Video, if not do so because it is just majestic to be free..

I for some reason decided to revisit my knitting. Ages ago I tried knitting but to no avail could not handle the two needle thing, but I did practice for a bit and the stitches all wonky, so I gave up and continued with Crochet.

Today I picked up couple of needles, size 4.oomm bamboo and picked a good yarn to practice with and casted on. It is ok, I picked up quickly how to cast on and stitch the knit stitch. To tell you the truth, I am enjoying this new adventure. I am practicing, have made a few rows with the knit stitch, it is a bit wonky, but not too tight or too loose. But I find the bamboo needles have too much resistance and I cannot get a smooth run going.

I only have 4.00mm and 6.5mm in bamboo, that means I will make a trip soon to a craft store and purchase some plastic or steel needles. I like working with 4mm and 5mm and occastionaly larger hooks in crochet, so I will get the same sizes in knitting needles. I cannot wait.

Feels good to start a new craft. Happy for now.

That is all for today, it is time for lunch and I will catch ya soon, make sure you check out the Gliding Video, I will upload more soon.



Sarah said...

I'm sure your knitting will improve. I know when I first started crochet all of my stitches were crazy!

VenetiaJewelry said...

i just learned to knit last winter and can still only make scarves! i'm thinking of taking a class so i can improve