Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

Cats on Tuesday


I would like to introduce Puss. He is a male Tabby with orange and white fur, he is few years old. My husband picked him up from across the road on the foot path, when he was a tiny kitten. He meowed at him and he could not resist, my hubby new that I love cats, so he picked him up, Puss fitted into his palm and took him home. He was injured, the local kids pulled on his leg. Puss has been with us since. I think this was in 1995 or 1996. Sorry to say that I do not have pics of him as a kitten.

Here is Puss in his home.

This pic is him out in the yard, taken with my Nokia N95, closeup shot. One shot on 28th July 2007 and the other 20th August 2007.

He loves being out in the sun and doing his own thing, but as soon as I come outside he comes running and wants to get onto my lap as soon as possible. He has a friend in my jack russell x Mitzy and my cockatiel Girly. They get one very well, except at meals times, especially with Mitz. Puss wants her food too, but she rushes at him and he runs like mad cause he knows she got teeth and will use them, sometimes, just to scare. Anyways they all love each other and get on quite well. It is beautiful to see them out in the sun in the mornings warming up after a freezing night.


I have put up pictures of him before on this blog, but today I found Cats on Tuesday, at this blog that I read and follow, The Main Ingredient, she has a beautiful cat by name of Twylah. I enjoyed reading about her cat and I do love cats and I do have Puss and I like the idea of Cats on Tuesday meme. So I today I have decided to join.

If you have a cat and would like to chat about her/him once a week on Tuesday, visit Gattina at My Cats and Funny Stories. To join and see the rules for Cats on Tuesday visit this page for information. This is part of memes too. She posts Mr. Linky every Tuesday.

So there you have it, I am part of three memes

Shadow Shot Sunday
Skywatch Friday
Cats on Tuesday

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katztales said...

Welcome to COT! Puss looks very floofy - and I can see he's purring when you take his picture. Nice to hear of a cat who lives happily with a dog.

We blog Tuesdays and Fridays. plus as Saturday is World Cat Day we'll be blogging then too. Come visit and join in?


Just Sharlene said...

Puss looks like he is a mixed persion. Hard to believe that he was a street cat. Then again, Pepper was a street cat and look at her.

Boo-Bah said...

You are lucky to have pets that get along. I have two house cats and two chihuahuas. My cats get the best of them.
Your cat is just beautiful.


Ebie said...

This is my main blog.
Monika, thanks for the mention. Puss is so cute! Lots of fur! My cat is also a rescue, mine could also be a tabby, we don't know its origin. Welcome to COTS, we will be cat pals!

Gattina said...

Welcome to COT ! That's very nice you join us.Puss is a beautiful cat and I am sure you can show some more pictures of him in the future ! Orange cats usually are very affectionated my friend has one, but shorthaired. Puss was lucky to find a nice home with you !

Cindy said...

What a pretty baby! I'd love to rub that fur.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Puss looks very beautiful, he reminds me of my partner's family's old cat who died recently...