Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Knitting Vids and My Knitting

G'day, here is a couple of vids and my collection of knitting so far. Enjoy your day :)

Knitting ;0) This is a fun vid from You Tube, cartoon style.

Helpful knitting ways, a Continental Knitting demo. This is the method that I use to knit.

And here is my collection, that I am working on.

Garter stitch scarf in nice green and soft yarn, the only way to practice, so I chose a yarn I like and knit knit knit. On the circular needles, just practicing the knit stitch in rounds, love this one and the colors, love the circular needles, small, short and slippery and finally in white a practice run on 2x2 rib stitch like that one too, just a few stitches loose. I beginning to love knitting. Especially the purl stitch, the way it looks and most of things in life are. Garter stitch I like for its fullness and thickness. The ribbing I like cause, just cause..I guess, looks good, thick and stretchy.

Have a great and happy day

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Allison of Dominant Hands said...

You are a knitter! Wait until you discover the magic of cables!I love knitting lopi sweaters on circular needles.