Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

Cats on Tuesday


Shots taken this morning, Wednesday 26th August.

Here is a typical morning with Puss.
Got up and made lunch for hubby and set him off to work.
Puss no where to be seen outside in the backyard , but was in front when hubby left.
Puss is lucky this way, he gets to go indoors for a while because I am home.
He is anxious, cannot sit still to take a good shot, just wants his breakfast.

Gets lucky this morning, he gets chicken necks, loves those and a bit of dry food to top the meal off.

After he has his breakfast, he is pretty quick to eat, he tries to get back into the house, to make himself more comfortable, of course me I cannot resist and let him in, sure enough finds his favorite spot and cleans himself after a meal.

This pic below, is of Puss sticking his paw through the small opening of the door.

After a while of smooching and patting and needing, time to go outside and no surprising as usual he tries to grab Mitzy food, chicken necks, but she is quick and grabs her last chicken neck. Bummer. Puss comes back to the door and meows to get back in or for more food. Maybe later in the day for lunch.

Checks to see if any food is left, especially the chicken necks, just sniffs at the dry food!

By this time he would settle down at a favorite spot outside and wash himself for a while and then find a spot to relax and sleep for a while, until lunchtime.
Yep, I was right, I went to check where he was, not in the backyard, but out in front yard, on a sunny spot and washing himself, this will go on for a while.

He has a way going between back and front yard, he will be back for lunch at the back, guaranteed.

Hope you enjoyed the morning with us, most sunny days the mornings are like this.

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Have a fantastic COT day and weekend ahead

Stay tuned for knitting updates, completed my first knitted hat and started a second :)


Gee said...

Hi Monika.

Thanks for stopping by. Puss must be very happy to live with you. He has a great meal for breakfast. Send my regards to Puss.

AL said...

Ooooh lovely cat, my cat loves chicken necks and livers too. I always watch them when they eat, I thought they always enjoy it!


Pam said...

Puss sounds like quite the charmer. I enjoyed being able to spend the morning with the two of you.
Sassie, my indoor cat, refuses to eat table scraps--unless it is blue cheese.

Gattina said...

In out in out, that's typical cat ! You should become doorman ! I have a cat flap fortunately so the little group goes in and out just like they wish. Puss is a beautiful ginger cat ! My cats love chicken too, but only cooked not raw.

Ebie said...

Hello Monika, Puss eats anything? OMG, my cat is so picky and she hardly eats beef, though. She loves sea food. I'd like to train my cat to go outdoors. Someday maybe she will not be scared.
My main blog is here.

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful photos, Puss looks like a lovely contended puss...