Friday, January 15, 2010

Cocoon and Doilys


How is everyone?

Found this little cocoon on our bin on 15th jan.

This is a cocoon of some sort. Found yesterday on our bin outside. We usually have two side by side. One got emptied. Went to put something in and found this little creature. Moves around too. We had the cocoon on the garage few years ago. Good to see one. I wonder where will travel next. This was yesterday, 15th jan.

Here is the cocoon on the 16th jan.
This is pic today, 16th. I am pretty sure cocoon has moved, but by the pics, looks like same position.

Does anyone recognize the cocoon?

Update on Doily's, yep found another one to crochet, started making with 3.50mm hook and 5ply white yarn and to behold the thing started curling on me, this got me so frustrated, I really like this pattern, beautiful, vintage.

I could not figure out how to correct, not a professional yet, only 2 years in the running. Here is the pattern link - if you wish to try yourself. This changed my mood of the day :( Maybe because I was using bigger hook, but I have used bigger hooks before and the patterns turned out alright.

Anyways a couple of days cooling off and feeling content and ready to find another doily pattern I liked, for some reason I like the pinwheel affect, different from the usual simple pattern I like crocheting. So I figured, I could not find one in the usual free pattern library, so I decided to Google doily pinwheel patterns and cool, I found a pattern that I like. Here is the link.

This one was part of a crochet along. I am using 3.5mm crochet hook and 5ply white acrylic yarn. Which will result in a larger doily. Here is mine so far.

This is just the center, the pinwheel affect.

Nothing much else happening.
Very warm today 30 degree Celsius and next week cold and snowing, go figure. This Aussie weather is terrible, all seasons in one day is what I say. I am sending some of this warmth and sunshine to you out there who is covered in coldness and snow.


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Allison said...

Your blue doily is beautiful. The color is so vibrant. I have a stack of vintage doily books, but I have not worked up the nerve to tackle one.

As for your cocoon, I have never seen one like that in Canada!