Saturday, January 9, 2010

Doily Time with a Twist


How is everyone after all Xmas and New Year's celebrations?

I am on a doily obsession, especially working with yarn. I find thread too stringy, probably not hooking tightly enough. I like the effect of the thread, but I love the yarn more. The doilies work out larger and have more of an umph look to them. I love to experiment with mixed colored yarn, but now I am hooked on 5ply white acrylic.

Here are the recent completed doily's.

I searched in the Crochet Pattern Central for free patterns of Doily's.

For the pattern CLICK HERE - pink doily

For the pattern CLICK HERE - spring flower

For the pattern CLICK HERE - Antlia

For the pattern CLICK HERE - simplicity

Here are some of my favorite colored doily's

I love how this pattern works out on completion, especially with multicolored/variegated yarn. These one have a spiral look.

For the pattern CLICK HERE - ha ha, no longer available, well I do have a print out, if anyone has interest, let me know.

This is my favorite pattern, easy to work in a couple of hours. I use 5mm crochet hook with 8ply acrylic yarn.

There are so many that I have picked out and bookmarked, just not sure which one to do next. I do not have one on the hook at the moment. But I did buy more yarn, white 5ply.

I am also working on a blanket, crochet long wise with 8ply acrylic on a 8mm crochet hook. Two colors, one solid teal and one multicolored purple mix. Not sure the measurements but the length is a bit longer than me and the width, as long as it wraps around me. The pattern is two rows of each color, crochet half double crochet stitch (hdc) working into the third loop, facing you under the front and back loop, to create a rib effect.

I have come up with this pattern for the blanket myself, the ribbing stitch is from Teresa.

Teresa has a great tutorial video on this rib stitch - CLICK HERE

I always do this, imagine how I want the blanket to look and just picture the stitches and how I can manipulate them into a pattern. This is manly for blankets, coasters and table runners, hats, scarfs. On occasions I choose a pattern from a book.

The first picture is more of the true colors.

Not much else happening for now, just have to decide on which doily to crochet next.

If anyone has any pattern to share, I would love to see them :)

For now that is all, see ya later :)


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Sarah said...

I LOVE the Antlia one! How beautiful!