Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doily completed...


I just completed the Pinwheel Doily I have been working on this week

You may find the pattern here - Crochet A Long

I crochet with 3.5mm crochet hook with 5ply white acrylic yarn.
The doily measures 60cm across

I love all of these that I have completed so far and am planning on creating more, I have the doily crocheting bug at the moment

For the pattern CLICK HERE - spring flower

For the pattern CLICK HERE - Antlia

Hmm which doily to crochet next....any ideas....have you crochet any lately that you would like to share...let me know.

Guess what....

I have been searching YouTube for resin jewels, to get ideas for my resin pendants and I came across this idea, which I have forgotten where I located. To make the finished pendants look glass like, if already looking dull after polishing. Use clear nail polish, wow what a difference to the finished piece. Does smell when brushed on, no streaks left behind, but once dried, no worries. Finished pendant has a glass look and shine.

Cool, gets me thinking of another Resin Pendant youtube video clip of some of my other finished resin pendants. Here is the link to my first video.... CLICK HERE. I also have a YouTube Channel, CLICK HERE. Come visit and subscribe to my channel.


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Sarah said...

Beautiful Monika! I have NOT been crocheting but I always wanted to do those "baby legs". I found a pattern months ago and didn't save it, I'm sure I could find it again but I have a hard time choosing a tarn since those legawarmers really need to stretch. I have seen the "sock" yarn that is very stretchy but it's so ugly looking :(