Saturday, January 23, 2010


On this Crochet Round Rug pattern, click here

Would you know at what point to do the last section, that says -

Work 1 round in same manner of each of the following colors..... :o.

Where do I start this repeat, on which row...

I would like to finish the rug and possibly continue with the increases to make bigger.

If anyone could help that would be great :) Please


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Anonymous said...

Oh lil girl... you really so good in your art.

Love the crocheted doilies below. How big they are? I guess I can follow the pattern §;-) but I guess it takes forever for me to finish it.

How's everything downunder? How's D? Still gliding these days?

Hope both of you enjoys and have a blessed Sunday.


Allison said...


I had a look at that pattern. It seems that you have to keep sc in each round using your own judgement as how many rows you need to crochet even between the increase rows so the rug lies flat. As for the increases, I would say spacing for the increases in a row would get greater the bigger the rug grows. There seems to be no math logic to the increases. I have crocheted large circles and it can be frustrating trying to keep them flat. I guess with this pattern, it will be trial and error regarding how many increases will keep the rug flat. I don't think you are meant to repeat the previous rows literally. You just continue in the same "manner".
Hope this helps!