Monday, February 15, 2010

My Ripple Blanket

G'day Folks

Remember this little wave

Well I decided that I love this pattern and is easy to accomplish so I will crochet up a beautiful and colorful blanket

Using solid color, acrylic yarn - 8 ply, a 5mm hook, double crochet (dc) stitch throughout and work about 1.5m wide to length of myself for the measurements of the blanket, just enough to cover myself

I choose any color and go with the flow, mix of light and dark

This pattern is so soothing, calming and relaxing to crochet, I am really loving the blanket

I have completed 22 rows and am on the second row of color red. Each color is crochet for two rows

Please visit Lucy @ her blog Attic24, she is one inspirational lady, many colorful crochet patterns to share. If you would like to give the Ripple Pattern a shot, please click here. Easy to follow with photos to show how, excellent.

Have a Fabulous Day and week ahead


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