Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday


Hi all just a quick shadow shot sunday on my adventure this Sunday on a Ferry ship, will chat about that later, here are some pic of shadows from that day. The date was 7th Feb 2010. Batteries messed that up, had to use two double A's, my rechargeable s, two are finished.

Arthur Seat, stopped along the way. Seats no longer working but the park and views just majestic.

Queenscliff to Sorrento Ferry

I leaning of the railing on the Ferry, second floor

Docking at Queenscliff, the viewing tower shadow

Visit Tracy at Shadow Shot Sunday for her collage of shadow shots from previous entries and join in the fun on Sundays.

Have a Fabulous Sunday and week ahead



Hey Harriet said...

That's quite a fun looking adventure you had. Some cool shadows captured along the way!

In answer to you question about whether I'm on Facebook - No, I'm not. One day... :)

elsiee said...

LOVE your shadow shots!!