Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cactus Terrarium

Hello and how is everyone?

I have launched myself into a Terrarium frenzy.

I wanted to put together a cactus terrarium.

I started of with a small coffee glass jar, (jars that I saved from sauces and coffee)

yet to realise that the cactus would not fit, after placing all the materials inside.

Recently I bought a plastic jug and thought that was a good size and very beautiful...so I decided to make my cactus terrarium into the jug. The cactus is doing very well after about three weeks.
Will grow to about 30 to 40cm in height with large 5cm yellow flowers in about 10 to 30 years.
Originally I wanted to buy a pot of several different cacti but they did not have that when I went there to buy. So I choose this one, beautiful with the green and yellow spikes.

I used the glass jar to plant a bud clipping from my lemon tree....not doing much after about three weeks..i think grew little taller...not sure! Planted 6th of April 2010.

So on 6th of April 2010 I completed two terrariums, cactus and lemon tree bud clipping.

Here are the instructions on how to create my cactus terrarium.

Materials (that I have used, bought at Bunnings Warehouse):-

* Stones, rocks or pebbles
* Horticultural Charcoal
* Sphagnum Moss
* Cacti & Succulent potting mix (soil,sand mix)
* Cactus (Golden Torch Cactus)
* Shells

Steps to create terrarium:-

1. Choose container large enough to occomodate the cactus, glass...i used plastic jug. Sterilize the container with hot/boiling water. Let dry. I saved jars from sauces, coffee etc. Or get a glass fish bowl.

2. Place stones, about an inch on the bottom of container...for drainage.

3. Place charcoal, about an inch, on top of the stones...prevents mold etc.

3. Place moss on top of the charcoal...prevents the soil mix getting to the stones.

4. Place potting mix..enough for the roots to catch, on top of the moss.

5. Plant the cactus, place more potting mix to cover up to the cactus, water the cactus and soil.

6. Place moss on top of soil, for decoration.

7. Place stones and shells on top of moss for decoration.

8. Clean inside jar with moist tissue.

10. Water cactus once a month.

I have also planted garlic on 12th April 2010.

same materials and steps to create this terrarium as the cactus
buy australian garlic with roots showing on the bottom (any garlic with roots)
take one clove and plant pointy top of clove pointing out of the soil, cover with soil and water
one week and roots are showing and tip has pushed thru the soil

i am surprised that the garlic is growing in cactus/succulent mix of soil

I am also using energized water to water my terrariums, none of this tap water and always place them a sunny lit spot, like the window sill...so they get the day's sunshine.

These terrariums really work, as you can see on the above picture the roots have plenty or moisture/water to feed on.

I have plans to buy more cactus variety and plant them in a glass fish bowl, I cannot wait..this I wanted to do in the beginning..just could not find the one pot with all kinds of cacti.

I am pretty sure that one could plant anything in a terrarium...i am also planning to find peppermint to make my own tea....maybe miniature flowers, that would be awesome...a terrarium with color...

Below are recent pictures of all the terrariums taken today, 21st April 2010.


Lemon Bud


I love my Cactus (golden torch).

Check out couple of these website on how to create a basic terrarium and a desert terrarium.
I used these two to help me understand the structure of a terrarium.

Good website on how to create your own basic terrarium - click here

Good website on how to construct a desert terrarium - click here

You can also find lots of videos on YouTube on how to construct terrariums.

Why not take on a challenge and make one of these :) click here

Has anyone made a terrarium...what sort and would u like to share pictures....love to see ur creations.

Anyways, if you have any questions, please ask :)
All is well with all crochet projects, wave blanket, bag, neck warmer, blog soon about them.

ciao for now


elsiee said...

my goodness! you ARE in a frenzy - love your terrariums, LOVE!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Gee... I know why ur too bz nowadays, huh?

Cactus terrariums? ha ha... didn't think of it. It turnt out cool seeing all those roots, huh?

I have one in a glass then I put on the top of my glas cupcake stand & covered with a cloche. Well, It's 1½ year now and still looking great. You can see that on my previous posts.

Hugs to you sis & take care.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a fun thing to do..Years ago..Lord, I sound like an old, old person, I use to do this..They are beautiful to have around.
Was very interesting to read and see how it is done, again.
Have a great weekend..