Monday, April 5, 2010

Etsy Treasury & Gliding Day Easter

Long time no see :)

My bamboo mobile phone pouch has been featured in a treasury on Etsy
by SweetTeaShoppe called Cranberry Sky.....

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SweetTeaShoppe -

Thankyou and Enjoy your Day :)
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We had a blast on Sunday, we went Gliding in the Grampians during Easter.

Fantastic weather and many flights achieved throughout the day.
I flew after five months and I still love the feeling of freedom and the landscape.

We were Ridge Soaring, fantastic, close to the edge of the mountains, you could almost touch the rocks on the ridge. Thermaling above the mountains is a thrill, so beautiful and majestic.

We arrived about 2pm, four gliders were already in flight and few people lined up to fly.
There was the Pouchacz, Janus C, IS28 and another glider which I am not sure.

I went up in the Janus C, wing span of 20 meters, very long wings and excellent for cross country gliding. I was up for 33 minutes, ridge soaring and we were about 3500 feet up.

My hubby went in the IS28, ridge soaring for 68 minutes and very close to his solo flight.

Caught some fantastic shadow shots from up there too.

Fabulous sky.

Was a very fantastic day ending with a beautiful sunset.

Was such a unbelievable day.... same time last year we made our first gliding flight, I flew in the same glider and pilot over the same mountains. Hubby as well just a different pilot.
Thus we have come full circle, gliding for one year. Just pure life freedom and majestic landscaping all around, plus the beauty of the sky.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter time.

Enjoy your Day

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Rosebud Collection said...

Checking in on you and what beautiful pictures you have here.
Whew! I think if I had been younger I would enjoy this sport..but being the ninny I am now and I said this before..I get a dizzy looking at the picture..Glad you have such a good time..xoxoRosebud.