Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crochet Pillow Case


Work in progress, another crochet pillow case. I finally decided on a basketweave stitch, which I have been pondering for a while now, I just could not decide on the color, but I love the texture of the finally few days ago I decided. My bestest colors, hot pink and teal, front and back crochet in one rectangle then folded and crochet the sides together, the top not sure yet.

Using 5.5mm hook, 8ply 100%acrylic yarn in solid colors, hot pink and teal, measured out for a 36x36cm pillow.

I am just loving this one, wanted to do basketweave for ages, I am half way through, hot pink front done and about four rows of teal started.

As always picked up the basketweave stitch example from Teresa @ The Art of Crochet
Written pattern ---> Crochet Basketweave Rows - Square or Scarf
UTube vid tutorial ---> Crochet Basketweave Rows - Square or Scarf

Have a great day
ciao Mon

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