Thursday, December 16, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Here's clouds on one of my Gliding Days on 5th December 2010

T'was a great day for gliding, but there was a cross country lecture and the tug was in service, so I decided to take photo shots of the clouds, they were stunning, fab day for thermalling.

But to end the day, on the way home, late afternoon, thunderstorm and heaving rain, flooding on the roads. We were lucky to get through the road, just flooded, sure risky but decided to keep going. Lots of cars were on the side road trying to wait out the rain, but best to keep going, did not want to get stuck and flooded. Lots of rain in few secs.

I taped the whole drive, about 11 minutes of this heavy rain, just spectacular and very frightening, especially when you cannot see through the front window and the wipers cannot keep up. But anyways was soon over and the skies cleared...Thats weather in Aussie Land, you get four seasons in one day.

ciao for now
how is your weather today


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Simply fantastic captures. Thanks for sharing