Monday, May 17, 2010

Pine Cone Doily


Yesterday I completed the Pine Cone doily...great to work on and is very beautiful and large
Crochet with 5mm hook, white 8ply acrylic yarn.
I just love crocheting these doilies, must do another.

Pine Cones link to pattern

The center of the pine cone doily..
Completed Pine Cone doily
I am currently crocheting a pillow case cover for a 35cm x 35cm cushion.
One side granny square using multicolored yarn, 8ply, acrylic, different colors on each row and crocheting with a 3.5mm hook and hooking a double crochet stitch on each side.
On the other side, stripped solid colors, bright with different colors on each row.
Here is a sneak peak.

I am also currently crocheting a hand bag, I have been for a while.
Crochet with 4mm hook, single crochet stitch, working in the round, with yarn of mix wool and soy with mix colors of green, brown, cream and gray. Each side different coloring.
Here is a sneak peak.

Here is my australian garlic, photo taken this morning, tues 18th may 2010.
Three leaves so far and florishing.

Also my Old Lady Cactus (Mammillaria Hahniana) is sprouting a flower, so beautiful, opens during the day and closes for the night.

Link on how to put together my Golden Torch cactus terrarium, click here.

This photo is 14th may.
This photo on the 17th may
This is the most the flower has opened so far.

The ripple blanket is coming along, all colorful and bright, will take a while to complete. The length now is about one meter and half. Here is couple of shots of color.
Link for the pattern click here.

I am liking all at the moment, is hard to choose which one to work one each day, they are all colorful and excellent to work on. But I do love crocheting doily's...must look for anther pattern today.

Hmmm. wow. did I cover everything....I am happy...if weather holds out, beautiful and sunny today..for the weekend we will go hubby is consolidating and flying solos, so far 3 solos...2 last weekend, Saturday, thats when I went for my 21 min flight...previous post photos of the day.

Ok I will leave you for now and come back soon with more updates.
Cia0 and enjoy ur day/night


niftyknits said...

love the doily - I find it REALLY difficult to follow crochet patterns though. Probably because I'm self taught (well, internet taught!) and it took me quite some while to realise that USA and UK use the same codes (sc, tr, etc) but mean different stitches - so I don't think I use the intended stitch sometimes!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Wow! now you make me so jealous of your talent.

You really have to develop more and make the best of it.

Your so gifted.

Have a nice day, sis.