Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scalloped Potholder

Scalloped Potholder (i made this one on 26th may)

Made one side to see what looks like and is beautiful, textured and easy to crochet.

Browsing my usual blogland, found this beautiful pattern -
This one is so pretty, i like the colors, first look and i fell in love.

Original Pattern & instructions -http://web.archive.org/web/20011228070554/members.aol.com/lffunt/scallph.htm

Love the texture to the pattern using Fpdc stitch to create the ridges.
Many color possibilities and sizes. I crocheted with 3.5mm hook (hooked on this size for a while for some reason, maybe tighter and small stitches...who knows). Acrylic 8ply yarn (not sure why hooked on 8ply since i started crocheting) and I love the light green color.
Was thinking using small hook and make some coasters for when I and hubby have coffee and tea...make them in all sorts of colors. I know this pattern is for a potholder, but I only created one side and I fell in love...go figure :) :)

Anyways have yourself a fantastic day/night and cya later :)

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Allison said...

Monika, I like this potholder beacause of the shape and texture too. There are also many possible ways to mix and match colors. Glad it got you excited!