Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scalloped Potholder side 2


Here is the other side of the Scalloped Potholder...from previous post, yes I know I said I was not going to make that one into a potholder...but one color led to another and I had an erge to make another and wow...I I now crochet them together and I think I will use in the kitchen. I have to make more, is almost addictive as the doliys' and very pretty.

Here is the first side I made
Here is process in single crochet them together with the light green color....lovely
Here is the finished scalloped potholder

I love all :) the colors are cool and the texture is :)

The back is so cool...

Hmmm...thinking what colors the purples....just not sure what color to go with purple!!

Till next time
ciao bella's

Enjoy your day/night

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